Just starting to document my journey. I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts who recommend you do this, both to see how far you have come and to help other people along the path. I got to this place in a round about way but things just keep shifting and it’s sometimes hard to look back to see how I even got to an idea.

What I’ve Learned

What I’ve learned so far is that once you start down this path, the ideas just start to flow. I’ve also learned that a lot of this flies in the face of your typical path. I started studying data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence a few years ago, January 3, 2017 to be exact. Today is January 4, 2020! #(quick note, my post is in Grenwich time so it says 1/5/20). It’s hard to believe 3 years have gone by, but on the other hand, it feels like I have learned so much! All it really took was asking my self one question:

What would you do if you couldn’t fail?

Just a quick back story, I quit a director of marketing job in 2000 to work from home designing websites so that I could be with my kids. This was very important to me. I didn’t want to look back on my life and say “gee, I’m really glad I was really stressed out and missed my kids childhood! Even if it made me a bunch of money, it was not worth any money in the world to me to have this experience with them. So fast forward to 2017 and I’m ready to go back to work full time and make some money making up for lost time and income stream. I started looking around for marketing jobs and realized it was the last thing I wanted to do, and that is what prompted the question.

I had just watched a youtube video, I don’t remember which one it was, but that was the basic question. I had never really seriously considered this question, but at this point in my life staring at the face of full time boring, I felt had nothing to lose. I had really enjoyed reading Tim Urban’s Wait but Why blog and especially loved the 2 posts about The AI Revolution and the Road to Super Intelligence Part 1 and Part 2. I have been fascinated with data and patterns based on experience and interests so these articles really hit home for me. I had been reading a lot about artificial intelligence and the possibility of a global brain platform built on the foundation of Giving. Back in 2011 or 2012 I was returning from a dear friend’s (I refer to him as my Russian Boyfriend) 50th birthday party in Istanbul. He’s really no boyfriend, he is gay, but we met at work in the 90s and hit it off. He was an IT guy and had the IT ego to match. He wasn’t very nice to people from what I could observe, but I thought he was super cute. He reminded me a little bit of Andy Kaufman. I really don’t remember how we became friends, but when we got together, we would laugh our asses off! He was seriously so so funny. We were both musicians and were also going through breakups at the same time and ended up hanging out together a lot. When I left my marketing job, we stayed in touch. We now travel together from time to time or I visit him in NY on Brighton Beach. He is now one of my dearest friends. I was flying back from a whirlwind trip to Istanbul and was somewhere over Montana when all of the sudden the plane became surrounded by waves and patterns of data. # I’ll have to try to draw a picture of this. I wasn’t on drugs, I may have been drinking chardonnay, so it was a little bizarre. But it was in this moment I saw so much possibility for solving global issues with massive amounts of data by observing patterns in data we can start tracking. Instead of looking for datasets that are already out there, it helps a lot to think about what needs to be tracked in order to figure that out. A lot of the time, what needs to record reality is not being recorded so you have to create a collective and a conduit for this. I had read about machine learning at the time but never dreamed of studying it. From this vision, I pitched an idea to Melinda Gates about a Giving Platform that could accomplish the recording AND conduit. It’s still not being done even today, 2020. Y’all are like, so c’mon, what are you doing? Patience grasshopper. Not you, me, Im being patient and you’ll see why. It will happen.

More backstory on this: I had been working with another friend the former COO of Microsoft and this other guy, the #1 investment advisor in the nation on ideas for creating an RIA marketing arm. My job was basically writing to a few people to show them why serving on their board would be beneficial, by creating a compelling message. I had some ideas for access to RIAs and education for giving and was thinking of ways to involve the Giving Pledge. I had done a lot of thinking about wealth and wealth imbalance on the planet. I still think about that a lot because there has to be a way that works more holistically with no limitations, but clearer motivations and rewards. I don’t want to take away the dream, peace to all of you on that path, I just want to teach a different paradigm that I think will help everyone a lot. We all have a giant blind area/spot beyond our motivations and the actual truth of our passions. So while I was working on this, I came up with an idea for a giving platform. I ended up talking to a lot of difference people about it. Melinda referred me to the folks at the Giving Pledge, they referred me to Larry, who at the time was at BGC3, Bill’s think tank, he referred me back to the head of the foundation at the time, Robert and he referred me to a data scientist on the East Coast. She gave me some resources and mentioned there are a lot of ways to get involved with data, and told me about following developments on PNAS. I have omitted a lot of this story but in a nutshell, people were just not ready for what I was proposing. When people have a lot of money, their are many walls built along with that, inside and out, real and imaginary. It’s still something I think about a lot. The whole concept of giving. My platform was based on the belief that if you help people discover their passion, they are much more likely to give. And there was/ is so much more to it, it’s not that easy or it would be a thing by now. It’s a theme you’ll see I come back to quite a bit and at the end of the day, I feel I will build something that can make a dent in our horrible wealth imbalance, but in a way that is not a takeaway but an opening to what everyone already has to build on. *M But that’s a long term mission of mine, to help restore balance and oneness to the planet. Ego and greed have created a massive imbalance but humans are asleep to their/ our truth.  The rebalance is the manifest/awakening of truth, passion, love, giving, oneness, etc. If you are on the money path and you are all ‘that’s fluff puff stuff’, the wealth path is very possible (in free markets like the US) and encouraged for growth, invention and creation, but there is a way that can also create lasting satisfaction instead of fleeting ego satisfaction. We do need this capital though and I’ll explain later. (I studied economics, BA at the UW). *M This is a long side note, but just wanted to put it out there because it’s the ultimate journey ultimate I continue to think about. But as I mentioned, I’m being patient because I don’t have all of the answers or resources right now. But that is why my aim is 3K per day, which is not much in the scope of what I am trying to accomplish, but it is a start, and I’ve been even thinking about bumping that up a zero to 30K per day the more I think about it, but it is all with the intent to have the resource to build a new system that I have been stirring up for about 8 years, wow. Maybe 9. I’ll have to look at my calendar and notes.

The Messenger, Voyager, Oumuamua, BiPolar, Exoplanets and Sophia Robot

So back to January 2017, the two things I was most interested in doing if I knew I wouldn’t fail, is working in the field of artificial intelligence and space exploration. Space exploration was more of an interest, my dad worked on Voyager I, Voyager II, Viking I and Viking II space programs. #photo He actually signed the case of the golden record. # photo When I was a kid we would get to see first photos of pale blue dot, the surface of mars, etc. #photos It was pretty cool. I’ve always been super fascinated with the universe and existence. I couldn’t think of how to make a career out of space exploration from Vashon Island. I felt I needed to be at NASA/JPL and I didn’t want to move. So I focused on AI. I looked up job positions in the local area that had something to do with AI and the job that kept popping up was Data Scientist. That sounded cool to me so I started researching what it would take. I didn’t know much about programming at the time but I had been creating websites for a long time so I wasn’t afraid of code. I just knew it would take time to learn it. So I looked for classes where I could be learning about data science while also gaining coding experience. I had a friend here on the island who had been working in the deep learning field and he recommended I check out Jeremy Howard and fastAI deep learning courses. I started out taking his courses and really loved the content. I pretty much just jumped in and although I didn’t know Python, I didn’t let that stop me. I figured I’d learn it on the way. At the time through research I also discovered Andrew Ng and I took his Machine Learning course. This course was taught with Matlab so I jumped in to that as well. At the time I was also interested in getting a Masters so I took a Georgia Tech feeder class on data science and analytics. That class was taught in R. So simultaneously I was learning Python, R and Matlab and at the same time brushing up on SQL which I had learned in the 90s to create relational databases for database marketing/ loyalty marketing. I really loved these classes but I was not able to find an online Masters program at the time that wasn’t a piecemeal of programs/classes they already had in place with analytics, computer science, statistics and probability. I had already learned a lot of what they were teaching so didn’t want to spend a lot of money on content that was not quite dialed in to AI yet. I think programs have come a long way 3 years later (actually in 2020 it looks like universities haven’t come that far). I ended up taking more classes with Andrew Ng and his 5 certification Deep Learning series through Coursera. Also around this time I was introduced to Ben Goertzel who is the brother of a cool friend who I’d like to get to know better and who is married to a great friend and talented guy that I play music with. I was lucky to meet Ben at the time, he is incredibly intelligent. I also love that his mind is so expanded is the only way I can think to put it. I shared with him my thoughts about a Giving Platform as the basis for a benevolent global brain. I still think that is a great way to lay a foundation because it is built on the data tracking and patterns of problems, solutions, truths and generosity. Ben is known as the “Father of Artificial General Intelligence”. AGI will happen, it’s important that is created with good influences and intentions to enhance and sustain humanity and benefit the greater good, the planet, and all living things. This is very important for all of us to prolong human existence. And it is very possible but we need to pay attention to the ground level and foundation as we build. *M It’s another reason why I started studying AI so that I could gain knowledge and be an influential part of the conversation. At the time we met, Ben was working on a lot of things, CEO of Singularity Net, Chief Scientist at Hanson Robotics, creator of Sophia Robot, # verify OpenCog just to name a few but there are many more. I met him in person at a family reunion and we played some music together including some fun piano duets. He’s doing amazing things at SIngularity Net with blockchain. *M I always feel that part of my path is out there as well but not right now because we are not very close to AGI and in my opinion, we won’t be for awhile. Only time will tell I suppose as is with all things if you believe in time. That is a “whole nuther” can of worms I could veer off on but I’m trying to stay on track. # I will return to that can of worms at some point in this blog, I have some thoughts on how we are all connected. I never got around to talking about Oumuamua in this paragraph, but it is worth mentioning. I purchased oumuamua.com pretty much right when I learned about it. It’s so fascinating. It is our first detected interstellar visitor. It came in to the solar system on a parabolic trajectory around the sun and gained momentum as it left. On its way out, it got really close to earth. To me that is weird, like was it a probe? It’s also very similar to Arthur C. Clark’s Rendezvous with Rama, in weird and uncanny ways. We don’t have the technology to follow it at this point, but we did point some telescopes at it to gather data. Starshot program could get there someday maybe, but they are working on some other fun projects. As a fun side hobby, I began posting about Oumuamua on FB. I have only told a handful of other people about this geeky side hobby. It’s so fascinating to me and I love building a global community. We all have earth and the milky way as our common bond. This planet is so silly really that we battle each other for control of something we already have. You can read my Oumuamua Facebook Page to learn more.

The Discovery of Oumuamua November 20, 2017.

“Immediately after its discovery, telescopes around the world, including ESO’s Very Large Telescope in Chile, were called into action to measure the object’s orbit, brightness and color. Urgency for viewing from ground-based telescopes was vital to get the best data.

Combining the images from the FORS instrument on the ESO telescope using four different filters with those of other large telescopes, a team of astronomers led by Karen Meech of the Institute for Astronomy in Hawaii found that ‘Oumuamua varies in brightness by a factor of 10 as it spins on its axis every 7.3 hours. No known asteroid or comet from our solar system varies so widely in brightness, with such a large ratio between length and width. The most elongated objects we have seen to date are no more than three times longer than they are wide.

“This unusually big variation in brightness means that the object is highly elongated: about ten times as long as it is wide, with a complex, convoluted shape,” said Meech. “We also found that it had a reddish color, similar to objects in the outer solar system, and confirmed that it is completely inert, without the faintest hint of dust around it.”

These properties suggest that ‘Oumuamua is dense, composed of rock and possibly metals, has no water or ice, and that its surface was reddened due to the effects of irradiation from cosmic rays over hundreds of millions of years.

A few large ground-based telescopes continued to track the fading object as it receded from our planet. Two of NASA’s space telescopes (Hubble and Spitzer) tracked the object traveling about 85,700 miles per hour (38.3 kilometers per second) relative to the Sun. Its outbound path is about 20 degrees above the plane of planets that orbit the Sun. The object passed Mars’s orbit around Nov. 1 and will pass Jupiter’s orbit in May of 2018. It will travel beyond Saturn’s orbit in January 2019; as it leaves our solar system, ‘Oumuamua will head for the constellation Pegasus.” Trajectory Source: NASA.

Spiritual Awakening and My “Boyfriend” Sal Khan

Around this time my journey to find a job in data science machine learning / deep learning began to take shape. The field is a vast one. Initially I was applying for anything related that had remote possibilities. I quickly discovered how hard it was to pivot from interview process to interview process while trying to brush up on a narrow focus time and time again. I would do really well in interview processes, making it to final rounds, but when it came down to it, I didn’t have the programming experience companies were looking for to fill these positions. It’s an interesting time and the field is really also just trying to figure out who and what it is. Another thing I could write a long time about. It’s a crazy time in this world. At this point I started focusing on NLP, Natural Language Processing. Ultimately I am interested in extracting knowledge from data to # solve problems w/ the giving platform I talked about, so this seemed like a good fit. Around the same time, I randomly also had a spiritual awakening of sorts. It’s hard to explain but I know it was real. When it happens, you know it is. There is nothing greater. There are some books written about it. It’s hard to explain but you do know absolutely that it is there. You begin to see things so differently, read things so differently, observe so differently. When people say they are awake or enlightened, you can almost tell if they are by the way they talk about it. Right now, it is my ego talking about the experience. I wasn’t trying to make it happen, it just happened. I sometimes look back and think maybe I was crazy, we have bipolar in my family, but then again, I wasn’t doing crazy bipolar things. This is another side story. There seem to be so many which is why I wonder if I am bipolar, or I just have a lot of ideas. I frequently ask close friends if they think I am going crazy and they don’t see that I am. This awakening though was really really cool and although now I do not feel like I did then, I can sort of remember it. I basically felt high for a few months and so connected to reality while I continued to look for jobs. I had some great opportunities over the summer, one as the director of analytics with Khan Academy which for me was fun because before I had the opportunity, I considered Sal Khan to be my “Boyfriend”. When I say someone is my boyfriend, they are just my pretend boyfriend. I had taken some classes from him to brush up on my linear and matrix algebra and it is easy to develop a crush on Sal Khan. Same with Andrew Ng. They are both adorable. This is all part of the story leading to where I am today as I begin documenting my journey. I continue to have opportunities and continue to do really well but then I don’t get the job.

They feel like they are hiring their Mom!

Age bias is a real thing. I’m not making that the excuse that is keeping me from landing a job but it is a reality. In all honesty I would admit it is most likely because I have not taken the time to really really learn programming basics. It is an important element in data science. Not the most important, but it is pretty critical. I have a lot of confidence in using Python, R, Matlab, SQL, Tensorflow, Keras, and the list goes on… but in context of the associated algorithms. It’s not brain science to me, but if you ask me to program a simple program in scratch from Python, I’ll tank the test. I’m getting a lot better for sure and with all of my time spent interviewing and learning different aspects, I would say I am learning it pretty well in spite of myself. It could just be a fear too, whenever I think of having to take a programming test, my lizard brain kicks in and instantly makes me feel really blank in the brain. I may not be giving myself enough credit, but this is where I have found myself. In all of my experiences I talk with people in the industry and other friends who are not in the industry and so many people have suggested I start my own business. You hear this enough and it starts to sink in. I was out at the bar after yet another failed interview process for an AI evangelist when a friend who is a constitutional law professor said that I am probably not getting hired because they feel like they are hiring their Mom! The people I interview with are typically Male, actually for ML/DL, always male, 20-30 something computer scientists. It seems computer scientists are running the AI show right now. I don’t think it is the right way to approach AI but it is what it is right now. At some point a few months ago, I switched back over to looking for marketing jobs. I figured that I would be a stand out candidate as a marketer who also knew how to build MLDL models. I have had some luck with interview processes as usual, but it is still an anomalous combination of skills so nobody is really looking for someone like me since as a female 51 year old experienced loyalty marketer turned ai engineer is not really a thing. I ended up interviewing at a research firm, a food delivery platform and an AI deployment platform. In each case I was either too qualified or not qualified enough. Once thing about all of these processes, is that when I interview with a company, I learn as much as I can about their business to see how I can provide the best value. In this process I learn so much about what companies are doing and that in turn is so eye opening. The food delivery company had just merged with another company. They had 4 ways to order for food delivery, two websites and two apps, 2 brands. I went through each platform as if I was a new customer and every single experience was completely different. And not only inconsistencies, but the flow of each experience made no sense. You would be asked something on an app that brought you to a new page that did not follow up with the flow of the question. I asked them about this in the interview and they said that IT (the rulers of the universe) is creating their customer experience. They did not have a Cx department or focus on Cx and it was obvious. In this case I don’t think they were thinking they were hiring their Mom, I was dealing with some really great marketing people. It’s a completely different world compared to MLDLAI. But it was another failed attempt to land a job. The idea that I should start my own business came to the forefront of my thoughts and I started taking this a little more seriously

When would NOW be a good time?

Right? I like that quote. Around the corner is always a better idea, so when do you pick one and go with it? In the span of a little over a month, I began a path of massive idea generation which is what lead me to create this journey documentation. I have a hard time remembering which came first. Was it when I read a little more about Feng Shui and decided to paint my career sector, the entrance to my house? Things just weirdly started falling in to place. When considering that I needed more experience, I thought a good way to gain it would be through teaching courses online. This is legitimate for sure. BI* It tied in well to a consulting business I had been considering which I call AIxAIs. Basically it gives companies access to AI. I am thinking about creating a class that takes people through a SWOT analysis to identify where to start among 60 plus possibilities. It’s a little more insanity, but I began talking with people about this as well. So in the process of doing a SWOT on my own ideas, I was able to see a glaring need to tie AI talent with progress in AI. There is a massive skills gap and the industry is waking up to this reality. I’m hoping the need for diversity will finally sink in to what is lacking massively. In this SWOT I created the idea for a company that brought talent and businesses together to create AI solutions. Also at this time I was thinking about the class and what and how I would teach. There is still so much possibility here. I was pretty surprised. At the same time I was thinking about creating a website that provided marketers and business owners with content on how to incorporate AI based on the goals and needs of their business. This got me looking in to affiliate programs which is a massive massive rabbit hole. I also have a not so great habit of snatching up URL ideas. I have a ton of URLs that could all become something huge. In the meantime, I keep thinking of even more ideas. It was around this time I realized I needed to kick in to gear with productivity. I felt I was on a hamster wheel with all of this so I looked for a class on discipline. I found a great one on Udemy…

A side note: I was just thinking that since I am promoting an Udemy class, I thought I would go create an Udemy link. As an udemy affiliate, you get

Search Results

Featured snippet from the web

Udemy offers a baseline commission of 20% with a 7 day cookie. That means you‘ll get commissions on anything that’s purchased within 7 days of an affiliate link click. In addition, you can get free access to courses if you shoot them an email and you get approved

I’m not sure how a paste from Udemy on their commission policay just produced the above after “As an udemy affiliate, you get… but I’m leaving it because that was weird and I’d love to learn why pasting into this WP theme did that. I’ll probably edit later.

Anyways, long side note story short, I was not able to qualify because I do not meet Udemy’s criteria yet. If this blog ever takes off, I’ll go back and apply. Udemy routes you to Rakuten Marketing which looks like a giant affiliate portal for affiliate programs. I need to learn more but for now, I’m signed up on Rakuten but am not an Udemy Affiliate so I do not get a commission if you follow my link. At this point…

The Udemy Class I found on discipline was fantastic! (I do not get a commission on this link as mentioned above but I’d love to! ) It’s good though, check it out.

The Unstoppable Discipline Program – Masterclass


I took this program very seriously. The guys who teach it are awesome and very likable. This is when I created my goal card. It goes like this:

My Goal: DK January 1, 2021

I am so happy and grateful now that I am making $3,000 dollars per day passive income doing what I love and giving in abundance. In exchange for this money, I offer the best services I am capable of, I study hard and happily put in great effort to develop my skills and gifts to create greatness. I share this greatness every day, freely and openly to benefit the greater good of humanity and our world.  Everyone I meet becomes impassioned and empowered to create abundance and serve the greater good. Collaborating with multiple partners and influencers, I create systems that thrive and function independently creating passive income from multiple sources. I offer and am devoted to excellence in everything I do and I only move on to something else when I am done with the current task. I believe in myself, this one beautiful life and the good of humanity with all of my heart and I know I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to. There is abundance in every aspect of my life and is manifesting now and I know I can bring it into the physical world, I know am going to be in harmony with the law, I’m going to willingly give and graciously receive and know I am God’s highest form of creation and vibration. I feel an aliveness I have never felt before, a creativity I have never experienced, an awareness that supersedes anything I have ever had in the past. My consciousness is expanding, my goodness is expanding, my awareness is expanding. 

Abundance is my birthright and from this point on I am going to bring it into being in my life and I’m going to assist every person I can to bring abundance into their life. New energy is flowing into every cell of my being, there is a consciousness of abundance in my consciousness that is phenomenal and is mine. This is not a dream, it is mine. I am an abundant being. I have abundance in every aspect of my life. There is an abundant energy exploding within me. I am so alive and so aware of this wonderful world I am blessed to be a part of. I am aware of the abundance that has always been mine and I can see it everywhere I look. I am going to have a tremendous urge to express this energy in a greater way every day. Every idea is going to grow and expand, and I will become more productive and more creative every day. This energy is growing and expanding within every cell of my being. I am totally alive. Everything I say is truth and I live my truth with passion. I am an enormously powerful individual capable of all the greatness that I can visualize and that I am. I will review this at least 2x a day every day. I will find that I will be able to go faster and become calmer all at the same time. I will speed up and calm down. I am creative and I enjoy the abundant life that I deserve, that I always have and I always will. And I will share my thoughts and my abundance with everyone who is open to accepting it. I am extremely grateful for this one beautiful life and I give my all to express my love, greatness and gifts to benefit the greater good of humanity. 

What you are to do is keep this with you and say it every morning and every night. I did this for awhile and I still read it from time to time. But the other day I realized that what is keeping me from reading it every day is that it is toooooo loooooong. So I need to shorten it to… okay, I’ll just do this now.

Updated Goal: DK  January 1, 2021. I am so happy and grateful now that I am making $3,000+ dollars per day passive income doing what I love and giving in abundance. In exchange for this money, I offer the best services I am capable of, I study hard and happily put in great effort to develop my skills and gifts to create greatness. I share this greatness every day, freely and openly to benefit the greater good of humanity and our world.  Everyone I meet becomes impassioned and inspired to create abundance and serve the greater good. Collaborating with multiple partners and influencers, I create systems that thrive and function independently creating passive income from multiple sources. I offer and am devoted to excellence in everything I do and I only move on to something else when I am done with the current task (I’m ADD so this is important). I believe in myself and I am extremely grateful for this one beautiful life. I give my all to express my love, greatness and gifts to benefit the greater good of humanity. 

Think and Grow Rich

This came out of the discipline class. Also you create a commitment and rally a commitment buddy. I decided to spend 5 hours a day on business development towards my passive income goal, 1 hour on education and professional development and 2 hours selling on eBay or designing websites so that I continue to generate enough income to make this all work. I committed to do this for 3 months. I have failed to do this, the holidays really threw a curveball into meeting this commitment. I roughy have been following this schedule though and I think I may resume on Monday. It’s the weekend and the intro to documenting this journey is way longer than I thought it would be. One thing that is interesting that happened when I started taking this discipline class is that I was randomly introduced to Bob Proctor’s Abundance Meditation. So on the same day I created my goal card… I was exhausted and decided to take a quick catnap. It was a beautiful afternoon and I had fallen asleep listening to a Youtube video the class referred me to. My Youtube is on autoplay and somewhere in the middle of my nap, Bob Proctor’s Abundance Meditation began playing. It’s pretty hypnotic so I just listened to it. When it was all over, he has you wake up with a smile and a massive surge of energy. It was a pretty amazing feeling and it had a great impact. I started listening to this every day for a month as he suggests. I did pretty well. I also studied more of what Bob had to say so that I could learn how to change my vibrational level to start living in a different paradigm. He studied Think and Grow Rich. It’s all really good but basically teaches you how to switch to a new paradigm. I’m still studying his stuff and I’m sure I’ll write more about it.

The Man DeLorean

So as a result of my 8 hour per day commitment to generating income, I started coming up with other ideas. BI* From selling on eBay, I was thinking it would be great to start a company where you could help people part with their collectables. Then either keep the money or give them a platform to give it away. It tied in beautifully to the Giving Platform idea I discussed above. I talked with a few people who thought it was a good idea, and another person who thought my AI idea was a better idea. This didn’t last too long because I started studying dropshipping. I was listening to podcasts. I discovered you could create online dropship stores. It’s so cool. I started designing a few Tshirts to sell on eBay and Amazon. BI* One was a Japanese New Year 2020 Year of the Rat design. The others were pretty random. I wasn’t getting any sales so I started listening to podcasts about dropshipping. It’s kind of amazing to me what you can do. You can create your very own store. I was researching other store ideas and I set up a Shopify trial. BI* The first store I thought of was a robot pet store. I thought of this based on what was selling on Amazon for Christmas 2019. It’s a fine idea but my shopify trial expired and I wasn’t ready to pay $29 per month to keep it going. It’s interesting so I’ll probably still give it a try. I also learned about Oberlo and all of the other dropship suppliers. There is so much to learn it is sort of crazy. I started designing Tshirts on Printiful. All you do is create a design and choose a product like a tshirt or mug or onesie. They work with your eBay account and you can create eBay listings from your Printful account. When someone buys your tshirt or mug on ebay, printful creates it and ships it. I ordered a mug with Mary’s year of the rat design for her for Christmas and it is such a cute mug! The printing is nice too. I started studying pop culture to further explore possible store niches. The movie Onward is coming out and a shopify person in a Youtube video talked about how mythical and magical things will be selling when that movie comes out so it is a great opportunity. BI* I purchased mythicalmagical.com and started researching. In this research into what is selling for Christmas 2019, I also discovered baby Yoda and the Mandelorian Disney show. Baby Yoda is so popular but is not being made yet. Disney really missed the mark on timing for this. It is wildly poplular but all of the baby yodas are on back order. You google “when does baby yoda plush ship, you get: “Just like everything else surrounding the character, this doll’s feet are a mystery. One thing we can confirm, though, is the new Baby Yoda plush is already sold out. The doll cost $24.99 and was available for preorder, shipping out in February 2020″

This is the Baby Yoda Plush that is not available until February 2020.

So in this process, I thought of a funny thing. I was trying to think of plays on words for Tshirt ideas and then went off on the funniest tangent. It’s documented in my notes but in the process BI* I came up with the idea of Man and DeLorean. I really can’t remember how this turned into the icons, but it did. So then I started trying to think of other pop culture references with stick figures and cars. * This became yet another idea. They sound silly but then they flow into something that could be legit. I really liked the icon idea so was trying to figure out how to market or create a store around it and that’s when I came up with the BI* tech guy store. This is sort of where silliness ensues. I then discovered the dropship printshop called interestprint where you can create all kind of items. It’s nuts. I still have to test quality, but I designed a few items, initially leggings. I did some research and discovered leggings for men are becoming a thing. I then started to think of other funny designs like Mixed Tape, Screen Shot, Random Forest, etc. I was also thinking about Grungema and how great that site could be. This is where “When would now be a good time” quote jumps in.

Too many ideas.. and again, when would now be a good time?

I realized if I kept on going down all of these random paths, I would get nowhere. So I decided a few days ago to go for Decision Tees. A site targeted at 20-35 YO male data scientists, machine learning and deep learning engineers. It’s a legit concept and a wide open market. I talked with a friend about it and she thought it sounded great. I thought create as many designs as I could in 30 days, before February. I figured I could also learn a lot about setting up my own store. Right now I’m thinking WordPress and WooCommerce since I know how to create sites in wordpress and I’m not quite ready to pay for a Shopify account. So that’s where I’m at.

The Beginning. The road to $3000K/ day minimum passive income starts here.

I continue to listen to podcasts for ideas, options and education. It is January 4, 2020 and this is the beginning of my documented journey. The first step.

Day 2

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